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Affordable and sustainable. We're for both.
Beat Energy™ is committed to helping our customers get the advantage from the changing energy market. Energy is complicated but it doesn’t need to be. We’re making sure our customers can be confident in the knowledge that they are being provided with reliable, affordable and renewable energy.

At Beat Energy™, we are not only a retailer of energy but more importantly, we’re a developer of innovative energy solutions for our customers, unlocking the value within the energy market for our customers.
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Millions of Australians already use our innovations

Our team has been engineering energy saving products and services for over 15 years.
Our products and services are currently enjoyed by millions of households and businesses across Australia. Through these valued relationships, we listened to our customers and quickly realised the inequality in the energy market for everyday Australians.

We saw only one option to level the playing field - to be the energy retailer for the people and to beat the big energy retailers at their own game. With this in mind, Beat Energy™ was born.

Guiding Australians to smart renewable energy

Beat Energy™ invests heavily in innovative energy management and control solutions to ensure both home owners, tenants and business owners can now intelligently access solar and other forms of renewable energy.

Most importantly, these innovations are developed in Australia, by Australians and for Australians.

We know that the future of energy belongs to the innovators and our sole focus is to be your innovation partner.

Sustainability and market inclusion is at our core

We are truly the lucky country and we are ensuring that we don’t waste this opportunity to pave the way in providing energy innovation for you, our energy partners.

We want to secure your rightful place at the centre of the new energy market - an energy market where householders and business owners are not only consumers of energy, but are generators and service providers within our complex energy grid.

Our innovative and market defining energy management projects are being deployed across Australia, ensuring the future of energy is placed back in your hands.
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