Australian households are facing significant costs of living pressures, with the biggest challenge being soaring utility rates. Millions of families will see their electricity costs rise from July 2022, after the energy industry watchdog increased prices by hundreds of dollars a year. Electricity prices are rising faster than ever before, wholesale energy prices more than doubled from the March to June 2022 quarter with a price of $200/MWh for both Queensland and New South Wales; the rapid increase in wholesale energy prices is now flowing through to households.

Going solar is the solution

Is it a good time to invest in solar energy? Absolutely! With the cost of utility rates rising across the country and the impact the highly volatile wholesale electricity market is having on your energy costs, now more than ever is the time for households to go solar, offsetting greenhouse gas emissions and significantly reducing their electric bills. In recent years as regulations have eased and prices have dropped for solar, an increasing number of homeowners have tapped into solar power. But nationwide renters have been kept in the dark. Because renters do not own their homes, they’re left out of important infrastructure decisions such as installing rooftop solar and enjoying energy affordability. Despite low costs and broad market penetration, solar power remains unattainable for millions of Australian tenants/renters throughout the nation.

How Beat Energy™ is passing energy cost savings on to the tenants

At Beat Energy™, we are working to bring solar services to those most in need, so that more households can save money on their electric bills and make the clean energy choice that benefits both the local economy and the environment. With our breakthrough products and innovative services, we are enabling homeowners, tenants, landlords and business owners to intelligently access solar energy. Sustainable energy should be accessible and affordable for all and at Beat Energy™ we are a community-centric business, committed to helping our customers navigate through a complex and dynamic energy market, providing the benefits of reliable, affordable and renewable energy to all.

Solar power has traditionally been seen as something only available to property owners but Beat Energy™ is committed to changing all that. We are making it viable for tenants to enjoy the environmental and financial benefits of solar energy. At Beat Energy™, let us show you how solar options for Renters and Landlords work together to profit from the disruption we are creating in the energy market, benefitting all our partners. We are enabling Renters to reduce their power bills with solar on their property, whilst helping Landlords earn passive income from this arrangement also. This unique program works by creating mutual benefits for both the Renter and their Landlord.

Let Beat Energy™ help with your solar energy needs and be your partner in affordable energy

We are excited to expand our innovative solar services so that more households can save money on their electric bills by making a clean energy choice. Going solar can have a wide range of benefits and Beat Energy™  is making it possible for renters and low-income families to gain easy access! If you’re a renter looking to reduce your energy costs, talk to us about our energy management and control solutions to learn how you can soon enjoy the benefits of smart solar energy going into the new financial year.