Beat Energy Tenant Plan Terms and Conditions


March 2021

Beat Energy Plan: Tenants Terms & Conditions

These terms should be read in conjunction with the standard Energy Locals Market Terms & Conditions.

(a) You acknowledge and agree that on each day during this Agreement you must:

i. have authority and capacity to enter into this Agreement;

ii. not be participating in another energy retailer offer or program;

iii. occupy the premises at which the Beat Energy equipment hardware (Beatbox) is installed;

iv. have all necessary approvals, consents or authorities from any owner, residents, owner’s corporation or local authorities;

v. ensure the hardware (Solar inverter, solar panels, Beatbox®, Emberpulse® and other associated equipment) is not interfered with at all times;

vi. be available to have a smart meter installed (either before or as required by Beat Energy on entering this Agreement);

vii. comply with all Rules in relation to the premises at which the System is installed; and

viii. cooperate with Beat Energy and their service providers in relation to the system and allow Beat Energy and their service providers to install hardware and software upgrades as and when needed.

(b) You must not, and must not allow, any other person to (unless otherwise authorised in writing by Beat Energy) :

i. to control, move, remove, tamper with, disable, displace or damage any part of the System; or

ii. provide you with any services similar to or the same as the services under this Agreement in relation to the System.

(c) The solar energy self-consumption rate will be no more than $0.25c / kWh (incl. GST) and this is set by your Landlord and Beat Energy. The solar energy self-consumption rate may change from time to time and you will be notified in writing of this change at least 1 month prior to the change coming into effect.

(d) There is no solar feed in tariff (FiT) for Beat Energy Tenant Plans.

(e) In the event that self-consumption in a given billing period is not fully accounted for within a billing cycle, Beat Energy will charge for lost solar energy self-consumption in the next billing cycle, ensuring you are only charged for the solar and grid energy you consume.

(f) Should you decide to leave Beat Energy as your nominated energy retailer, you will no longer have access to the solar energy generated from the solar system and will have access only to grid energy and grid energy tariff rates supplied by your new energy retailer.


1 System means the Solar PV, Beatbox®, Emberpulse® and smart meter systems operating individually, or aggregated as the system requires.
2 Beat Energy refers to Beat Energy Pty Ltd; (ABN 16 642 520 198).