Empower Your Business and Boost Income with Beat Energy™ Commercial Smart Solar Solutions!

Welcome to a groundbreaking era in commercial solar solutions with Beat Energy™. We've not just entered the market - we've redefined it, addressing a long-standing gap for businesses in tenancies and innovative landlords. If you're a business searching for sustainable solutions or a landlord seeking a profitable solar investment, Beat Energy™ is your game-changer.

Revolutionising the Commercial Solar Market

At the heart of our offering is a revolutionary world-first smart solar system, meticulously designed exclusively for commercial use. At Beat Energy™ we are focusing on unlocking possibilities for both tenants and landlords. We've cracked the code for businesses in rented spaces and landlords looking to monetise solar investments. Our tailored approach ensures optimal performance, efficiency, transparency, and financial benefits for all like never before.
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Finally, a renewable energy solution to make your property assets work harder for you, whilst providing added value to your tenants.
With a growing number of tenants asking for solar to reduce their energy bills, we thought it was about time to providea win-win solution for both the Landlord and their Tenants.

At Beat Energy™, we work with Landlords to achieve returns of 12-14%+* on their solar investments.

Add value to your investment properties and take advantage of depreciation benefits when you invest in solar.

* Based on an average Australian household consuming 6,000 kWh pa, with a 6.6kW solar system installed and solar generation consumption of 30%-50%.”
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Tailored Solutions for Renting Businesses

Are you a business tenant struggling to access solar solutions? Beat Energy™ is here to transform your energy landscape. Whether you're a small enterprise or a large corporation, Beat Energy™ provides an integrated energy solutions approach for your commercial business. Our tailored commercial solar solutions cater to the unique energy needs of businesses, specifically satisfying the solar power needs of renting businesses, ensuring you can harness clean energy, reduce costs, and minimise environmental impact. With our personalised solutions, tenants and landlords both achieve attractive financial benefits through embracing our innovative approach to solar power, enhancing their operations and contributing to a greener future.
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Eligible properties
• House
• Apartments
• Units
• Town houses
• Block of units
• Retirement living
• Commercial

Not sure if your property is eligible? Contact us to find out.
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Landlords, Turn Your Roofs into Revenue Streams

For landlords who hesitated to invest in solar due to lack of profitability, your wait is over. Beat Energy™ introduces a unique opportunity for landlords to turn rooftops into lucrative revenue streams. Our innovative solar solutions not only generate clean energy but also add a new dimension to your property's value proposition.
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How it works
Beat Energy™ is all about helping you take back power from the big energy retailers. We’re here to save you money and deliver a more sustainable energy solution to your home. At Beat Energy™ we focus on bringing fairness and equality back to our community.

For too long, tenants have been left out of this energy market revolution, but not anymore. At Beat Energy™ let us show you how both tenants and landlords can work together to both profit from the disruption Beat Energy™ is creating in the energy market to benefit all our partners.

Seize the Opportunity for a Greener and Profitable Future

Join Beat Energy™ in revolutionising how businesses and landlords approach solar solutions. Join the movement towards a greener future by incorporating solar within your commercial business operations. Our commitment goes beyond just reducing costs - it's about creating a sustainable and profitable future for everyone involved. Take the step towards clean, efficient, and income-generating solar energy with Beat Energy™. Enquire today!
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